Alignment benefits

 One of the most neglected areas in medicine is alignment.  This is really sad as the alignment is responsible for a  lot of pain and multitude of conditions in the human body. 

 Many factors influence alignment and some of those factors are: structural deformities, habit, trauma, infections, tumors, etc. From all of those factors, usually the structural deformity is hard or impossible to correct.

 If a house has a good foundation, chances are that many other issues can be corrected or prevented. However, if the foundation of the house is compromise, the house is usually doomed. This analogy can be compared to human body. If the foundation- or the alignment of the feet- is perfect, the whole body has a good chance of maintaining alignment for life.

The problem we are face with is that the alignment in the feet is achieved in childhood by the time we are about 10 years old. Before 10, we are in a period when the bones that dictate alignment are moldable due to the fact that the bones had not ossified yet. However, the closer we get to the ossification stage, the less chances we have to influence structure for life. Once the bones ossify, the correction period is over and treatment is required for life.

StepAlign shoes are the only medical approved pediatric shoes to correct flexible flat feet and  align the feet into perfect posture. Once the bones ossified in the corrected position, the alignment is maintained for life.