Cavus foot

Cavus foot is a condition characterized by increase arch in the feet. It affects about five percent of population and is usually due to a neurological condition such as Cerebral Palsy, Post polio, Friedrich"s ataxia, CNS tumors or other neurological deficits. Sometime, the cavus foot is idiopathic- meaning we do not know what the cause of the deformity is.  

 In mild cases, a corrective insert might offer relief of pain and symptoms. This is because the corrective orthotics offers support for the bones, tendons and ligaments. However, the patient usually has to wear inserts for life as this condition usually never resolves on its own.  

For moderate and severe cases of cavus foot, the recommended treatment is surgery, because this condition  has as a root cause a neurological deficit.  This is because the earlier the surgery is performed, the fewer the damage to the foot and ankle structures will be. Surgery consist in fusing the subtalar joint and or additional joints in the feet to correct the deformity. Many times, patients that have this condition are neuropathic- meaning the perception of pain is altered and a doctor is needed to evaluate for neuropathy.