contribution to society

StepAlign orthopedic shoes are my contribution to society as a foot and ankle doctor, a holistic practitioner, a mother, and a grand-mother. The next generation will have a lot fewer aches and pains related to the posture than my generation has. Little kids will have a better world because of StepAlign shoes

After almost two years of paperwork, medical commissions, fees, tests... we got the shoes. When the first batch arrived I had the feeling that I am dreaming. So happy. The shoes were absolutely perfectly executed. The colors are nice. StepAlign shoes were put on Amazon, on web page, and today on Etsy. We envision  many many children having corrective shoes on and preventing multitudes of problems to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Search on Amazon  "Stepalign orthopedic shoes", search on Etsy "Orthopedic sandals", on web StepAlign orthopedic shoes.