In-toe walking ( pigeopn toe) in children

Many parents bring their children in the office complaining that children walk in-toe (pigeon toe). Why is this happening and how to fix this condition?

 Their are three  main causes that children are  walking in- toe. The most common cause is due to metatarsus adductus. This is a condition where the foot looks like a c shape . It is usually due to a position of the fetus in utero.  Since the child feet are  soft, the parent should manipulate the foot in the correct position with every diaper change. After about 2 years old,  as the child starts to walk inward, the parent should buy shoes with correctable inserts from StepAlign- the only company that has the  pediatric shoes with medical approved insert to correct in-toeing. As the child foot grows, the position is maintained  with the correct inserts until the bones in the feet start to ossify. Than, at about ten years of age the correction is usually attained for life and child can wear any good shoes he/ she likes.

 Another reason child might walk inwards is tibial torsion.  This condition happens a lot less than metatarsus adductus and usually it resolves on its own as the bones  mature.  The third less common reason is femoral anteversion. This condition also usually resolves on its own as the child  grows. Extremely rare, a child will be brought to surgery after he is about 10 years old for surgical correction of tibial torsion or femoral anteversion.