Is flat feet bad for my child?

Flat foot is a condition where the arch in the feet seem to be gone when a person stands on both feet. Flat feet usually comes due to unnaturally flat surfaces we walk on (in the past, people did not have shoes and walked of uneven terrain). Even little deviation from ideal foot arch taxes the body. Initially, you will notice that the child seem to complain about pain, wants to be carried, falls frequent. Eventually he learns to compensate by using different muscle groups, rotating hips, or curving the spine. As side effects of compensation are measured in time and not immediately, many doctors that are not specifically trained in  posture or kinetics will disregard flat feet as a condition not worthy of treatment. 

However, left untreated, flat feet will eventually affect the bones, tendons and ligaments in the feet, ankle, knees and back. 

 Please take your child to a podiatrist in the area that specializes in children or buy shoes that are medically approved to correct flexible flat feet such as StepAlign.