Is over-prontion bad for your child?

When a baby starts to walk, the parents are usually very excited and many awkward positions of the feet are ignored or seen as cute.  However, by two years old, when a child overpronates it should concern the parent. Many of my patients do take their children to pediatricians, only to be re-assure that nothing is wrong with their child . 

The truth is that  the bones in the baby's feet are not fully formed. At that age, the bones are somewhat flexible and because of it, there is usually no pain. However, by the time the child is about ten years old, the bones in the feet that determines alignment are ossified in a rigid position for life. The symptoms can appear before ossification but usually they do appear after the ossification is complete. First, the child will complain of pain in the feet and or shinsplints in the lower legs.  Some children withdraw from physical activity further predisposing them to weight problems, bullies and labels as " lazy". Eventually the skeletal system will compensate for the lack of alignment. Other joints in the body will compensate at the expense of those joints. Usually the compensation starts in the feet and move upward. Bunions and hammertoe start to form because of the over-pronation. Later in life, as the bones continue to ossify throughout the skeletal system, other areas in the body start to be affected. First, heal spurs will develop and cause  pain. By the time the person reaches thirty-five years of age, knee pain starts to emerge usually in the medial side of the knee as a direct result of "wear and tear", and over-pronation. Later, the lateral side of the hip is affected and then the lower and upper parts of the back. 

 For instance, suppose a car has bad alignment,the tires will wear off unevenly and eventually other parts of the car will be damaged. It is true that we can replace the rotor, the tires, and do an alignment on the car car. If the outcome it's not satisfactory it's simple;  get rid of the car and buy a new one. A person can also do "repairs"  in the body such as knee replacement and back fusion. The suffering and pain of "bad alignment" or over-pronation will be for many years.  That is the reason we highly recommend correcting alignment on all the children  with StepAlign shoes, the only pediatric shoe that has the medical approval from the APMA to correct flexible flat foot and aid in alignment of the body. For more information, please go to