My child has heel pain

One of the most common reasons for heel pain in children is Siever's disease, or calcaneal apophysitis. It  is characterized by severe pain in the heel in one or sometime both heels. It only happens while the physis are opened, usually between five to ten years of age. The child is usually active in sports, but denies trauma. Many times the condition is so painful that the child cannot walk normally and does not place the affected heel in the floor. Upon inspection, the heel might feel a little warm but no other abnormalities noted. However, when x-ray are taken, it shows the back of the heel with rugged or cracked margins and open physis. 

The treatment for this condition is usually rest, compression, elevation and ice. Also a pair of inserts are order to stabilize the heel in the correct position and prevent motion at the affected area. While a pair of inserts is about $400, a pair of sandals from Stepalign do have the inserts built into the sole of the shoe and cost about $109- for inserts and the shoe. There is a coupon on line for $10.00 also. It is easy to order, you need the child  shoe size. For more information please check