Pediatric flat feet

Flat feet is a  very common condition  where the medial arch in the foot seem to disapear when a child is standing on the feet, regardless if he /she seem to have an arch when sitting. Flat feet could de devided into flexible or rigid flat feet. 

Flexible flat feet seem to have some degree of arch when sitting but no arch when standing  (weight bearing). It is caused by miriad of factors such as: genetic, walking on unnatural flat surface during crucial stages of development,  ill fitted shoes, or shoes that do not support a developing arch. Flexible flat feet could be simptomatic or not during childhood years but is a progressive disease, manifesting symptoms sometime earlier in life but for sure later in life. Some of the pediatric  simptoms are voluntary widrowing from sports activity, complaining about foot pain, shin splints, asking to be carried, not choosing to play outside.