closed shoes inserts

By Samuel Farkas
on November 07, 2019

correct flat foot for small children

Finally we were able to design an insert that could be placed in any closed shoes for children.  it consists of a tri-dimensional correctable insert. It is made of durable plastic that is covered with a soft, hypo-allergenic material as an interface material for maximum comfort. It is designed to resist pronatory forces sand collapsing arch during gait cycle- normal walking

We have four different sizes and it firs from 2 year old to none year old as each insert has four different levels of adjustment. Our main mission is to prevent lifelong ailments that requires simple modalities without  expensive  treatments or surgeries.

My grandson states he is faster and taller since he wears the inserts

Orthopedic Shoes for Special Olympic Athletes

By Samuel Farkas
on February 19, 2019

Special Olympic Athletes feet

Shoes for Special Olympic athletes were finally designed by a doctor  and are on the market. Check out  the

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Orthopedic shoes for Down Syndrome and Autism Children

By Samuel Farkas
on June 15, 2018

special athletes sandals

It is time that someone finally considered the needs of special children. The team of feet doctors  saw the need for modified shoes for  special kids. The modification consists on shoes that have normal heel and wide forefront- wide in the toe box or toes. Therefore, we tried to incorporate  very attractive designs for girls and boys starting from two and a half years to ten years. The designs that are specific to special children are Avery and Danny but the other designs would also fit due to adjustable straps.

In my colleagues and my personal experience, all the children that we  ever treat with  Down Syndrome have flexible flat feet and this wide feet in the toe area. Those shoes have incorporated corrective inserts in each shoe in such a way that no one can remove  them while using the sandals. Those are shoes that received the approval form the American Podiatric Medical association, are FDA registered and received the approval of PDAC ( CMS Center). We have to realize that all the children are our children, precious gift of inestimable value . By using corrective shoes, we prevent compensations in the first toe (bunions), heel pain, knee pain and damage to the lower and upper back. The shoes  also improve  posture in the immature foot structure. For more info, please visit