tip-toe walking

Tip-toe walking might signify a problem and should be addressed. Most are very easily corrected with shoes or stretching. When a child occasionally walk tip-toe is not alarming but when this behavior  is more constant, is should be investigated. 

Sometime, the child walks that way occasionally for fun- as on an edge of the road.   Many doctors are trained to look for this conditions and many are not. Look for a sports medicine doctor as you do not want to miss a condition that might be easily treatable.

 The most common reason is an uncompensated flat foot. In this case, corrective shoes or corrective inserts can fix this issue.  Shoes from Stepalign are medically approved to correct this issue You can find them at www.StepAlign.com or on Amazon.

 Another common reason for toe-walking is a short Achilles’ tendon. Sometime corrective shoes also help such as Stepalign shoes. Achilles’ tendon stretching or a simple night splint brace, or physical therapy also helps. Seldom surgical tendon release is needed.

Other causes of tip-toe walking are caused by neurological problems (such as Cerebral Palsy, Frederic’s ataxia or other deficits). In this case is very important to have the child treated and treated by a neurologist.