To Treat or Not to Treat Flexible Flat Foot

The earlier a child is treated for flexible flat feet, the better the outcome. A lack of bio mechanical understanding by many  medical disciplines neglected this condition previously. Be pro-active with our child's health and realize that correction is a poor substitution for prevention. A lot of disciplines offer opinions on treating vs not the pediatric flat foot. The discipline that has the most education in this condition is podiatry. Podiatrists are doctors that went to school usually for 4 years undergrad, 4 years for podiatry school and 3 or more years for residency and fellowship. By the virtue of the education, they are the most trained in conditions affecting the feet- or the standing foundation of the body.

Flexible Flat feet is a condition that is progressing in severity throughout life with the debilitating conditions appearing usually after the bones fully matures and wear and tear has time to affect the joints. Just like a  car that has a bad alignment, the real problems appears when the rotor wears off not necessarily when new tires are placed on the car. Imagine a perfectly aligned human body: an imaginary line that goes through the shoulders would be parallel to another line through the belly button, another one through the shoulders, knees and ankles. The perpendicular through the mid-thigh would bisect the middle of the knee and would go down through the second toe. Now drop the ankle medially by 8 or 9 degree. What happens is that all the lines are falling off the alignment. That does have an effect of the body. Compounding this posture for 20, 30 or 40 years and the destruction is colossal. 

A much better approach would be to prevent those conditions in the first place. A very easy approach would be to have StepAlign shoes worn between the ages of 2 to 10 when the subtalar joint is not fused yet. Once the bones fuse, permanent correction is extremely difficult and involves  surgical corrections- such as osteotomies, bunionectomies, hammer toe corrections, knees and back surgeries.