why I developed bunions

Many people want to know if bunions are hereditary.  Well, yes and no. The reason you developed or will develop bunions and hammertoes is because the forces that act on your feet will cause bunions given enough time. 

 As shown on the picture, a person that has flexible flat feet- meaning they seem to have an arch when no weight is on but the arch disappears when the person is walking- the forces affect the feet.

 On the toes, the forces are medially and backwards, on the ankle are laterally and downwards and on the lower leg are laterally and upwards. Those forces will cause the muscle to work way over time to stabilize the foot. In time, the bones will start to remodel in the direction of pulling, creating bunions, hammer toes, shin splints in the legs and so on.

About the questions of hereditary,  your parent had the same shape of the foot; it means that he or she had the same forces acting on their feet- meaning they had flexible flat feet also.  They did not treat the condition either but the effects of it- if they would have treated the condition, they would had never developed the bunion.

 If they ever had the bunion surgery, the bunion might have come back. This is because the same forces that acted initially to damage the foot, will act to damage the corrected foot also. In this case, the person had treated the effects of forces acting on the foot and not the cause.

 A much better approach would be to permanently correct the flexible flat foot. This is achievable on a short period of time, when the bones are immature- between the ages of two to ten. At that time, all a person needs to do is to wear correctable shoes- such as StepAlign sandals. Those shoes have correctable inserts built in the sole of the shoe and are medically approved to correct flexible flat feet.

However, if a person had missed the golden opportunity to correct flexible flat feet- meaning two to ten years of age- than he or she needs to wear correctable inserts for life.  When shoes that have no correction in them are worn, the forces will act on the feet and the bones will suffer the blunt. When the inserts are worn, the foot is forced into the proper alignment and those forces do not act this way.

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