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            We are delighted that you are here. StepAlign line of shoes was developed by Dr. Daniela Farkas. She graduated from FIU with a major in biology, and then she obtained her master's degree in biomedical science followed by a doctorate in podiatric medicine. Later she graduated as a holistic health practitioner. Dr. Farkas has practiced podiatry in South Florida for eighteen years.

              It did not take long for Dr. Farkas to realize the importance of proper foot alignment, especially in young children. She wanted to prevent conditions that might affect the child later in life and soon discovered that it is very costly. For her own children Dr. Farkas made functional orthotics. However, her boys did not place the orthotics in the shoes all the time, sometimes they would lose one and the other was given back to mom. Since the average child grows more than one shoe size a year, she would change the inserts approximately two times a year and each time it cost about $450 for each pair of functional (corrective) inserts. The typical mom would spend more money to correct her child's posture as there are doctor’s visits in addition to the cost of at least two pairs of inserts per year- about $1300 /year for each child. Multiply that with about eight years of potential correction and it comes to a lot of money. Most insurance companies do not cover inserts at all.  Added to this inconvenience is the fact that the child has to wear closed toe shoes to fit most functional orthotics.

              This is why Dr. Farkas designed a line of children's orthopedic footwear-sandals and closed toe shoes. She wanted a perfect shoe that yields  the most benefits so she targeted the age range most appropriate for posture correction - children between the ages of two to ten.   She incorporated in the sole functional insert in a three plane correction to achieve perfect alignment. Then she chose materials to complement her line of shoes- leather to minimize allergies and resist wear and tear, cork to absorb pressure but allow for correction and a rubber out sole to be skid and slip resistant. Her new line of shoe was granted the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association and then she applied for patent and trademark. Recently StepAlign shoes were FDA registered as a class one medical device, and also got the PDAC approval form  CMS (USA). 

            It is our sincere hope that we will be able to positively affect every child and prevent complications that have lifelong effects.

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