StepAlign is a medical grade children's shoe line that aims to align the posture of a child from the ground up.

           Starting at the age of two, a child's posture should be guided into a correct position with orthotics that provides proper arch support and stabilization. Babies and young children have a greater percentage of soft, growing cartilage in the foot that will ossify into mature bone as they age. Even a small imbalance in the feet can affect your entire body and change your posture. Left uncorrected, the bones in the feet are likely to ossify in a misaligned position, possibly resulting in lifelong pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, back and neck.  The younger a child's age, the greater the likelihood to impact proper alignment as there are fewer bones in the foot that have ossified. Thus, the crucial stage for correction is generally between two to ten years of age. In order to correct  misalignment once bones in the feet have fully ossified, surgical treatment will be required.

            StepAlign shoes are aimed at preventing misalignment but can also help correct existing foot imbalances in children such as flexible flat feet. The earlier a child starts wearing StepAlign shoes, the greater the benefit of correcting alignment and stabilizating the foot.          

           StepAlign stylish collection of shoes is designed with built-in corrective support, shock absorbing cork, and skid resistant out soles. StepAlign is intended for young feet and they truly are the best shoe that money can buy for your growing child. 


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